Right Now: 5 Accessories That Every Girl Needs

An accessory has the power to transform an outfit. I’ve narrowed my favorite accessories down to five (that you are sure to love too) and here they are!


Statement Earrings

These earrings have become my staple piece. They are covered in micro rainbow beads that remind me of little candies! Pair them with any neutral outfit (I’m in love with our white crop top and pants sets) and it just takes everything to the next level.



I’ve underestimated the power of a cute belt for too long! Belts aren’t just useful to keep your pants up, they can make a dress more form-fitting and elevate any pair of jeans. Cheetah print is the latest trend, so I chose our Don’t Be A Cheat Belt. This belt has a fury, faux cheetah print and a gold CC belt buckle that is to die for.



I am OBSESSED with hair clips, so when I saw this barrette that is covered in micro red gems I had to have it. When I wear this barrette, I like to clip it right above my ear (I’m telling you it instantly makes you look more dressed up).



Every girl has bad hair days… and that’s definitely me most of the time. I can’t tell you how many times a good headband has saved me. I just plop my hair into a messy bun and throw on this gorgeous headband and voilà. This is my favorite headband because of the unconventional lilac color that is totally trending right now.


Hair Scarf

Last but not least, we have our Spice It Up Hair Scarf. I like to call hair scarfs elevated scrunchies because they really are! Anytime, I feel like my outfit is plain or boring, I just tie in a hair scarf. The Spice It Up Hair Scarf is my fav, because of the funky pattern. Not gonna lie, I don’t know exactly what the pattern is (I like to think it’s sprinkles and a floral print) but nevertheless it's gorgeous!